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Regular Cleaning

ciecie-article-1_07The way to keep your new or old stone lovely is to keep it clean! Remember the old saying, “An Ounce of Prevention equals a Pound of Cure.” If natural stone is given the proper care, the stone should sustain its beauty and durability.

Most commonly, unless regular cleaning is done, ordinary dust particles in the air can settle on your marble and can be ground into the surface by normal foot traffic. These specs of dust will slowly remove the natural polish on the stone’s surface. The use of a non-oil dust mop on a regular basis should help prolong the finish of your stone. Natural stone should be washed regularly with fresh warm water and a clean, non-abrasive cloth. Adding a neutral (pH balanced) cleaner will help to remove topical dirt and grime.*Avoid detergents that can be abrasive and con­tain chemicals high in acid or alkaline.

These chemicals can “etch” or remove the natural pol­ish on the stone’s surface. Some stone cleaners have a petroleum or animal fat base which may alter the appearance of your stone. Petroleum (or oils such as animal fat) can darken natural stone and leave a residue which over time can buildup and turn yellow. This buildup is usually difficult to remove.
Be sure to use a cleaner which does not have a petroleum or oil base and contains chemicals that will be safe on the finish of your natural stone floor or countertop.